V-Sprint Sunday ‘B’ rides off to a flying start

The new V-Sprint Sunday morning training rides launched on 18th March have attracted a lot of new riders. An additional ‘B’ ride has been added specifically for people who are either new to cycling, or who would like to get more experience and confidence riding in a large group.

On 18th March both A and B-rides left Finstall Village Hall at 9:30am, with the V-Sprint ‘A’ riders being joined by riders from the Birmingham Runners and Triathletes club ‘BRAT’. The ‘B’-ride covered 31 miles finishing at the Ewe and Lamb in South Bromsgrove for a well-earned coffee. On 23rd March, despite the wet and windy weather, there was still a great turn out of around 20 ‘A’ & ‘B’-riders for a 26-mile ride. ‘A’-riders, who had raced the day before joined the ‘B’-ride to recover, shared their experience and imparted riding and safety knowledge. It was great to have two women along and we would like to encourage more women to come; V-Sprint is not intended to be a club for MAMILs*. There is a policy of leaving no-one behind and no-one should worry that the ‘B’ ride would be beyond their capabilities. We also have trained mechanics on our rides who are able to assist with any mechanical difficulties.

The feedback from the ‘B’-riders has been very positive and they have commented that they are “enjoying the structured approach” and being shown riding techniques that they will improve their ability. If you would like to get involved, and would like to ride for an hour-and-a-half at around 15/16 mph, why not join us next Sunday? If you want to progress to the ‘A’-ride standard, we will give you the coaching and encouragement to help you on your way. But if all you want to do is ride socially in a structured manner then we would be more than happy to see you at Finstall Village Hall at 9:30am next Sunday. Our aim is to get people riding and enjoying their bike, if you end the ride with a smile a sense of achievement then we will have succeeded. Our goal is to help you reach your goals. Members and non-members are welcome; for more information email us at enquiries@club.v-sprint.com.

* Middle-Aged Man In Lycra.

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