So, you want to ride your bike, and you want to ride in a social environment to gain experience and confidence. But … and it is a big BUT … the only way you can do this is to join a cycling club …  where everyone else has carbon sports bikes worth several thousands of pounds, are fully ‘lycra’ clad, and appear to have motors attached to their bikes.

Born out of a Bromsgrove Council Sponsored course ‘Couch to 50K’, V-Sprint Community rides are our way of supporting those who want to ride in a club environment but without the speed, without the pressure to spend all your wages on a bike, and will allow you to wear more casual cloths, If you have the bike and the kit, don’t worry you’re still welcome, but the speed will be a more sedate 10 to 12 mph.

Following the Couch to 50k program the feedback was that this sort of ride would encourage more people in to the sport, so on the First Saturday of the month we run a community ride. the start point is varied and the distance will be in the region of 20- 25 miles. Each ride will be supported by at least one qualified ride leader. Follow us on twitter @TeamVSprintRide for up to date information or for more details get in touch through our contacts page.

What do we expect and what should you expect ?

We expect you to have a road worthy bicycle, appropriate clothing, be reasonably fit and healthy to ride about 20 -25 miles (approximately 2 hours). Your should bring a water bottle spare inner tube and pump, (our ride leaders carry tools for minor repairs). You must listen and follow the instructions of our ride leaders. Age is no limit either, but if you are under 16 we will want to meet your parents before the first ride to make sure they are happy. For those who are, shall we say, a little older, as long as you are fit and healthy, can ride the distance, can maintain 10 to 12 mph, then age is not a barrier.

You can expect to be encourage, supported and guided through the ride and be given essential advice on safe cycling along with cycling tips to make your experience more enjoyable, Experienced riders will only be there to support you at your pace not dictate the pace.

Oh … and not forgetting a little bit of cash, the rides are free but cycling culture means we will finish with a coffee at a local establishment (or sometimes on route).