V-Sprint Cycling Club is an inclusive club whose aim is to encourage and develop cyclists of all abilities.

The Club currently has the following methods of communication;

  • V-Sprint Website
  • V-Sprint – Main WhatsApp Group
  • V-Sprint Ladies WhatsApp Group
  • V-Sprint Zwift WhatsApp Group
  • Instagram
  • Email

These communication channels, managed by V-Sprint, are predominantly for discussion related to cycling or similar activities and/or matters.  It is important that all members adhere to the following code of conduct when using these medias.

  • Do not use language, share jokes (including memes) or offer opinions likely to cause offence.  As an inclusive group encouraging members from all community groups, it is important that the Club is welcoming, supportive and respectful. 
  • Do not use the club chat to air grievances publicly, please deal with this directly where appropriate.  The Club Committee can support with concerns or issues if required.
  • Should you find any material posted in the group chat to be offensive or objectionable please contact the Committee. All of these media platforms have the ability to broadcast opinions and commentary instantaneously – as such we would encourage any contributors to refrain from posting any material which may bring the Club or its members and activities into disrepute. Where the Club has administration rights over posts on Social Media sites, the Club reserves the right to remove any post or comment that is deemed to go against its aims of the guidance above.