Sunday Ride 2

V-Sprint Club Rides

V-Sprint club rides are not just about the distance we cover, we like to encourage solid riding techniques with respect to ALL other road users. Most regular road riders will be able to manage any of our regular rides which are social and educationa with more experienced riders  sharing their knowledge and offering encouragement.

Sunday Club Runs – 9:30pm Finstal Village Hall 

Ridden at a controlled steady pace, with a no drop policy. If numbers allow, we will split in to 2 groups, a more rapid and longer ‘Club’ ride and a steadier ‘Development’ ride.

Club Ride – This in not a training ride, it will be rapid, on a route that stretches ability but ridden at a comfortable pace for all, for those wanting to ‘stretch their legs’ they should wait until the last 2-3 miles where, if riders want to, they can ride at pace to the end. 

Development Ride – A short distance and slower pace than our ‘Club’ ride, which helps riders develop skills as well as fitness. The pace of this ride will always be dictated by the slowest rider with a strict ‘No Drop’ policy. Where ‘Club’ riders choose to come on this ride they are there to offer advice and direction only, the speed will still be dictated by the ‘Development’ Riders. 

Thursday Worcester Run – 7:00pm Hanbury Turn 

Ridden at a fast pace, with a no drop policy,  this is a controlled structured group ride. if the group splits in anyway, it will reform as soon and safely possible, riders should ride at a pace that maintains a high speed but does not split the group. 

Summer Route (Swan Lane), Winter route (A38 after Caravan Storage Area), riders wishing to finish a faster pace than the group may do so but do at their own risk and must remain road safe and legal. (On the summer route riders should regroup at the Swan pub before riding in a group to the finish. 

Tuesday Laps (Summer months Only)  – Vernon Arms or Gate Hangs Well houses – Start time variable on light conditions 

Not a race but ridden at race pace and riders are encouraged to use race tactics within the bounds of remaining road safe and legal. Riders must be aware of the route as the group will not wait for dropped riders.

 Zwift – Tuesday nights 

We have a V-Sprint Zwift group, a meet up is arranged for Tuesday nights, to allow members to join in Zwift events the start time may vary,  


Our chief notification route is Twitter (@TeamVsprintRides) except for Zwift, which is via the Zwift Whats App group.  

Adhoc rides will use the club Whats App group. Any member can use this forum to arrange a ride, but unless the ride is arranged or sanctioned by a member of the Committee it is not a V-Sprint ride, however whilst riding in V-Sprint Kit we still expect the high standards of V-Sprint to be maintained, the drop policy, speed (fast or slow), stops etc., are at the discretion of the organiser and members joining them should respect their instruction. 

No drop Policy 

  1. If you are off the front of the group slow down and allow the group to catch.
  2. Try not to ‘half-wheel’ if on the front of the group – steady controlled speed makes for the best rides. 
  3. If anyone drops off the back of the group, communicate this to the whole group. The group should slow to a recovery pace, or if appropriate stop. 
  4. If you are dropped, and the group does not notice, continue riding until the next junction where the group should be waiting. 
  5. Whilst it is a no drop policy, it is sometime difficult to keep track of all riders, so ensure you know the route/way home in the rare occasion you become completely detached from the group.

Ride Leaders

We try to ensure we have ride leaders on every ride, but due to unforeseen circumstances or individual time commitments this is not also possible. In these cases, riding to the club standards a just as important and we advise that the group ‘elect a leader’ for the day. 

All routes can be downloaded here

Please read our V-Sprint Ride etiquette and guidelines here