Sunday Ride 2

V-Sprint Club Rides

V-Sprint club rides are not just about the distance we cover, we like to encourage solid riding techniques with respect to ALL other road users. Most regular road riders will be able to manage any of our training sessions. The rides are social and educational, the more experienced riders will always share their knowledge and offer encouragement.

During the winter months (Nov’ to March) mudguards are mandatory, regardless of conditions, and for evening rides lights will be required

What Speeds can you expect: This is always difficult to estimate, the average speed of the group depends on many different factors; Weather; Hills; Traffic etc, Each of the rides below shows a general speed (remember you will comfortably travel 2-3 mph faster in a group that you would do on your own without addition effort), Whilst we will not knowing leave any rider behind, please consider and respect other riders, be honest and chose the ride that matches your ability or level of fitness.

When moving up to a faster group or joining a ride for the first time, don’t worry all the rides are led by a voluntary leader who will support you to make that performance improvement. If you drop off on some of the hills or faster efforts the ride leader will ensure the group slows, or stops, to regroup. Depending on ability of ride attendees we may split or combine groups as the ride leaders see fit.

If you just want to ride socially, train for fitness, or are aiming for a specific goal V-Sprint will help you on your way. We welcome guests and those wishing to experience a V-Sprint Ride, but do ask that after 5 rides that you join our club and ride in V-Sprint Kit.

For all ride updates follow @TeamVSprintRide on Twitter

All routes can be downloaded here

Please read our V-Sprint Ride etiquette and guidelines here

Sunday Club Rides

Meet at Finstall Village Hall 9:30am

Club Ride

Aimed at all club members who are competent and fit to ride around 50 miles at a brisk pace, this will be a tight group with a no drop policy applied The last 3-4 miles usually a hard push to finish.

Development Ride

If don’t you fancy the longer Club Ride this is ideal (usually shorter by 5 miles), a great group ride to develop your skills and build fitness. If you are a regular “Club Rider” you can ride this if you wish.
Not up to full fitness? Sit on the back and leave pace to the Development riders DO NOT DRIVE THE PACE! Support everyone.

Thursday Night Ride

Meet at Hanbury Turn 7pm

A 25 mile loop in winter months, 30 miles in the summer, ridden at pace. For the winter, riding will be tailored to improve cadence and controlling your heart rate, with an emphasis on technique rather than speed. The ride is open to all riders who will generally ride together in a single group – Average Speed 18 to 19 mph. (However in the summer months we encourage Development riders to head off 5-10 minutes earlier than the main group, or options to shorten route.

The courses are flattish, but the rides are for those who wish to improve performance rather than have a social ride.

Wednesday Ladies Led Ride

Meet at Ewe and Lamb 7pm

Lead by the ladies group so pace will be dictated by ride leader
Everyone welcome to ride along with them

Saturday Social Ride

Meet at Banners 9:30am

A social ride for everyone to come along to have a chat and a coffee
Everyone is very welcome, it will be a very steady ride
Ideal for new riders and those who just want to have a gentle spin

Tuesday evening Lap Session (Summer)

Meet at the Gate Hangs Well Pub 6:30pm

Kicks off when clocks go forward.
This is the hardest session of the week. All can come along as it’s based on laps and we meet up at the start and finish.
Ride as hard or easy as you want.
No real rules apply apart from hard workout.
Everyone welcome and no complaints!

Tuesday evening Zwift Ride (Winter)

V-Sprint members ‘meet up’ on a Tuesday evening on Zwift.
Zwift group workouts are chosen as they allow riders to train together all riders on your own FTP but stay in a group.
These events are announced via the V-Sprint Zwift WhatsApp group, and will start after 7pm.
All are welcome to join, if you need any help just ask in the WhatsApp group.
Further Zwift club ride details.