V-Sprint #2point6challenge update

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WOW !!

We have just had an amazing additional pledge from Woodshires of £1000 – although it comes with a condition – – a pretty big condition!

For the extra donation we need to ride 2600 MILES instead of 2600 KM – an extra 985 miles!

What can we say? 2600 miles it is… Time to update the strategy!!!!

V-Sprinters – we got this.

We are amazed by the donations we have received, and the financial support that Primrose Hospice will now benefit from as a result of YOUR generosity.

Who would believe we would have hit our initial target of £2600 in just 2.6 days !… (Do you think there seams to be a theme to this challenge?)

But, we don’t stop now, as always we carry on and see where the road takes us…..

Every donation provides more support for the people that need it. Every donation helps someone in our community, every donation will be wisely used by the amazing people at Primrose Hospice.

Follow the progress on our #2point6challenge live stream page.

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