Evesham Outdoor Velodrome

Negotiations and conversations have started by Richard Goode (a local swim coach and exTriathalete) with Wychavon District Council. Richard is putting together a Business case to putt o local investors about the construction of an outdoor 250m Velodrome as a copy of the Bournemouth Track. He is very keen to get all the support he can from the local Cycling community and as he says, “it is essential that this project has the support of local cycling clubs” The track is intended to be built in the Evesham area with three possible sites in contention. What Richard is keen to know is what is the demand and the interest level to make sure it is a viable and sustainable facility. As ever these things take a long time to get up and running but it would be a great asset to the cycling in this area and a would be a fantastic to be able to give the young up and coming riders a great training and racing facility.

For more information or to show your interest and support, contact Andrew Tarring (tarrings@tiscali.co.uk), Evesham Wheelers Road Race organiser. The more support that we can give, the more chance of it succeeding.



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