General Ride Etiquette and Riding Guidelines

The club has been formed around us riding very well as a group of cyclists who can ride as one cohesive unit which keeps everyone as safe possible. We have various groups which can cater for everyone from new starters through to experienced riders as we all have different requirements and expectations.

To help everyone see below a few tips and pointers

  • Most rides have a leader who will assist everyone . Try to listen to their instructions. IE directions / pace / changes in the group position etc. In some cases there may be other senior club members who will also support you. They are there to help you.
  • Bring the following with you,
    • Spare inner (correct size for wheels)
    • Pump / gas canister
    • Tyre levers
    • Money for coffee!!
  • If possible download the route (not essential but recommended)
  • Groups are only as fast as the steadiest rider and we have a “no drop” policy. Selecting the best group for your capability is important and a senior club member will help you.
  • When climbing always consider your team mates. If you’re on the front keep a nice Tempo and keep the group together. Always regroup at the top of each climb
  • When riding on the front it’s your responsibility to ensure the group is with you – you’re in charge.
    • Turns on the front can vary in length, usually no longer than 5 minutes unless instructed
    • Talk to each other and communicate anything you wish to do or need during the rides
  • When crossing traffic. It’s “all the group” or none – Important
  • We always ride in 2s as one group to avoid a long train.
  • Your own personal training ride need to fit in with the group so no disruption.