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Tomorrow 16 riders will set off to conquer all 21 stages of @LeTour, raising over £1,000,000 for Cure Leukaemia 🚲

The team will ride the same route the professionals cycle a week later, covering over 3,500km in just 21 days. Stay tuned for more updates…


V-Sprint Sunday Dev ride Check out this route on #strava, Ride L Development Ride - Modified to Miss Gravel Chippigs. Ready to explore some new territory?

V-Sprint Sunday club ride. Check out this route on #strava, Ride L Club Ride - Modified for Gravel chippings. Ready to explore some new territory?

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A little bit about us..

Having ridden solo for a while and seen groups of club riders on your journeys may well have given you the inspiration to join a club. But at V-Sprint we know this can feel like a double-edged sword, whilst you want that experience, you have those nagging doubts … “I’ll slow everyone down”; ”What if I get in the way”, “What if I cause an accident”, “is it all too serious”

But these fears are often much further from the truth than the distance of the first ride out with V-Sprint. Our objective is to Ride well, expand abilities, knowledge and skills, but most of all enjoy our cycling. Should it be a Social Ride to Purity Brewery a sunny summer Wednesday evening or hard Thursday night ride designed to push you out of your comfort zone, we will do our best to find a ride for you.

V-Sprint is based in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. Founded in 2009 by James Varnish (former Cycle Speedway World Champion), and a small group of friends, the club has grown every year. With principal activities around road cycling, some club members also pursue interests in track, cyclo-cross and time trialling. There is a regular programme of weekly rides, together with other activities such as closed-circuit rides, sportive and training camps.

The club is open to men and women of all ages and abilities. We originally supported several women only rides, but as the club has progressed, we have grown a substantial female membership, which has meant it is far more beneficial to all to ensure all our rides cater for everyone.

Our Sunday ‘Development’ rides are excellent starting points, at around 35 miles they will test your stamina, but more importantly, as the name implies, develop your skills. From simple hand signals, to making the most of slipstreaming other riders we will offer as much advice as we can. As experience grows Development rides could be about growing strength on hills or increasing your speed. Then when you are ready try the club ride, but which ever ride you are on you can be assured, our no drop policy will ensure you aren’t left to fend for yourself miles from home.

In a group you will put a couple of miles per hour extra on your average speed, this does not necessarily mean it is going to be harder, the group dynamic surprises many first-time group riders. Most first time riders struggle a little with stamina on the first ride, but 3 or 4 rides in you will find that stamina is built, and we can always advise you how to improve your stamina outside of club rides.

But don’t listen to us …. listen to one of our new members. Kate joined us in 2020, here what she has to say about V-Sprint…

“I joined V Sprint back in July and was immediately made to feel very welcome. I hadn’t done much group cycling before, but straight away I was given some really good advice. The club has dealt brilliantly with the challenges that COVID has brought and has always followed the rules and taken all guidance seriously. Each week I have ridden with different people but everyone has been very friendly and there is a real club ethos. I would certainly recommend the club to all riders.”

Interested in joining V-Sprint?

What equipment do I need to ride with V-Sprint?

Bike – Whilst some of our members enjoy mountain biking as well as road, our club rides are all on the road, so a road bike is essential, Cleated pedals are strongly advised, but if you have never ridden with cleats before, come and have a chat with us, so we can help you transition.

Spares –Inner tube, tyre levers and pump are essential, we advise a multi-tool, chain link and tyre patch for those emergency repairs, and always carry your mobile phone for emergencies. But the great thin about group rides is that there will always be someone there to offer advice or assistance if you get in to trouble.

Clothing – We have our own kit, we don’t insist that club members wear it on every ride, but we like to think our member feel it is good quality, a fair price and a design that means they want to wear it. Layers are important, your body temperature can change dramatically on a ride and being able to remove or add layers is essential.

Coffee Funds – The Coffee Stop is an essential part of any bike ride, most of our rides do not have a mid-ride coffee stop, we appreciate that family comes first, and on some occasions you may not want to stop for coffee. Having our stops at the end allow riders to join in if they want, but if they need to get away, they can.

Interested in joining V-Sprint?

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