The V-Sprint Ethos is about others not ourselves, for that reason COVID rules are non-negotiable. We will, and do follow, Government Guidelines. For Sport additional rules are provided by Sport England, and for cycling the government advise to follow the guidelines of British Cycling, who further expand on government rules in respect of the unique nature of our sport. Whilst many riders have had vaccinations, it is important we maintain our discipline and ensure our riding reduces the risk to ourselves and others.

Do not Ride if you are showing symptoms of COVID or have been in contact with someone showing symptoms.

From May 17th Government restriction for outdoor sports group sizes for cycling were lifted, meaning group sizes will be managed under normal V-Sprint sizes, managed on a ride by ride basis dependent on ability and fitness. Rides arranged member to member outside of the club schedule can also be of any size, but members are reminded to consider Coffee stops (especially if indoors

Riders must be self-sufficient with Spare/Tool/Fluids and food, and should ensure they have a backup plan should a mechanical failure occur.

Do not ride if you are not willing to administer or receive First Aid should the need arise.

Coffee Stops – rules around café/pubs will change on a regular basis as lockdown rules ease (or strengthen should the circumstances arise), riders must follow the guidance at the time and comply with any rules proprietors should introduce to enhance safety in their establishment.  

For our full COVID framework , download our COVID framework.