Zwift Group Rides

From mid October until the start of BST, Tuesday race laps are replaced with our club Zwift sessions. 

Rides will start between 6:30 and 7.00pm & last for about an hour.  

We tend to mix it up each week, so sessions will range from dedicated club meet-ups, with a pre-determined workout that is often banded (keeps everyone together regardless of individual power output) through to an unbanded group ride where we have to work to stay together or occasionally we’ll join one of the organised Zwift events.  

Meet-up invites are sent via the Zwift companion app from either Russell Ashford, Lee Gardner or Jim Varnish.  Give them a follow on Zwift to ensure you get an invite. Most club members add (V-Sprint) to their Zwift name so easy to find and follow in Zwift.

If we’re joining a scheduled event details will be shared on the Zwift WhatsApp group and our club Twitter feed

We use Discord for real time voice chat, a link to the V-Sprint channel can found on the group info page of our Zwift WhatsApp group or an invite can be sent out to you. 

For unbanned rides remember it is the role of the beacon to set the pace. It’s not a race (unless it is, in which case ignore this) and speeding off the front really doesn’t help the group.  Please try and stay within 30 meters of the beacon.  Weaker riders should stay in the group as the draft makes a big difference and will really help you stay in the group and not get dropped.

Avoid a virtual kit fine & hook your in game avatar with our preferred kit.  To unlock press P, enter code: SOIGNEURDK 

Useful Links

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