V-Sprint on the Velodrome

V-Sprint are holding a track session at Newport Velodrome on Sunday 31st May 2015 (11am – 1pm). The session is open to all riders (novice and experienced) so if you have never riden ‘The Boards’ come and have a go.

£ 15 per person (Juniors £7.50)

(Non-Members £20 (£10) but as places are limited, preference will be given to Members first)

Bike hire is £10 adults and £5 child, If you are hiring a bike you will need Look Keo Cleats

Spaces are limited to 25 and interest is high so to book your place talk to Jim, Andy, or Lee.

(Your place will only be confirmed after payment of a £10 deposit).

We are also arranging a taster session on the Wolverhampton outdoor Velodrome on 10th May for those wanting to get some experience. We will join in on a open session which will cost you £4. If you want to come along let us know when you book your place at Newport.


The Venue

Arrival – Please aim to arrive at least 30 minutes before the session starts. This will give you ample time to prepare clothing and your bike. You will be able to collect a hire bike 15 minutes before your scheduled session time.

Changing Rooms – Changing rooms are provided and should be used at all times.

Signing-On – All cyclists will be asked to sign-on before they ride the track. The disclaimer should be read carefully to make sure that cyclists understand the signing on procedure.

Food & Drink – No drinks or food should be taken onto the safety zone. Chewing gum is not allowed when you are on the track. Please do not leave any litter or discarded bottles in the riders ‘D’ or anywhere else within the Velodrome. Please use the bins provided.


All cyclists should wear at least two layers of clothing on their upper bodies. All clothing should be tight fitting and cover the shoulders as a minimum. Cycling shorts are recommended or tight fitting leggings. Loose jewellery should be avoided. Warm clothing may be needed when off track.

If removing a cycling top, an under vest must be worn.

Gloves – All cyclists must wear track mitts when riding on the track. Full fingered track gloves will give more protection and are recommended.

Footwear – Trainers should be worn if using a hire bike with toestraps. Road cycling shoes with a hard sole will slip out of the toestraps and should be avoided. Cycling shoes should be removed when walking to and from track centre as you may slip. Cleats also damage the non-slip painted surface of the track ramp. Cleats should be in good condition and unworn.


Pedals – Pedals on the hire bikes accept Look Keo cleats only. No other type of cleat should be used. PEDALS CANNOT BE CHANGED.

Bikes – Please look after your track bike and equipment at all times. It is your responsibility to make sure that equipment is safe and secure. If you are hiring a Velodrome track bike, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is returned safely to the bike room. NO adjustment other than saddle height is allowed to hire bikes.

Only professionally built track bikes will be allowed on track. The track bike bottom bracket/crank set up shall be either-


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