V-Sprint Club Championships

Sunday 18th of October 2015 -10:00am

The V-Sprint Club championship is an omnium event of 7 races. A mixture of individual Sprints, Team Pursuit and individual distance events, with a couple of fun events (practice your track stands, slow riding and inner tube replacement).

1)  0.8 Mile Time Trial

2)  Flying Sprint

3)  Scratch Race

4)  Mary Moor Challenge

5)  Team Pursuit

6)  V-Sprint Circuits Handicap Race

7)  Puncture Race

The event is aimed at all level and is much about testing yourself as much as it is about winning the event. Events have been designed to give every rider the chance of winning at least one of the 7 events, so weather you an A or B rider, social or spectator, come down to Stourport Circuit on Sunday 18th October at 10:00 am

For more information contact Lee Gardner or Andy Hurst direct or via our contacts page

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