Team V-Sprint Communication – Coronavirus

To all V-Sprinters,

These are somewhat extraordinary times with the situation changing on a daily basis, anything we say today may change tomorrow.

V-Sprint is more than a cycling club, it is a community and a group of friends whose ethos has always been, first and foremost, to enjoy what we do and not take ourselves too seriously. Over the coming weeks and months times will extremely hard, you will all either need support or be able to lend support and no V-Sprint member should feel alone. We encourage you to use our WhatsApp group to keep in touch as much as you can, ask or offer support and continue share your thoughts.

The government advise you continue to exercise, but at the same time we must be pragmatic. Our rides have always centred around social interaction as well as riding, however at this time social distancing is key, so we reluctantly have to cancel all outside rides and social events for the foreseeable future. This does not mean you should not be out there on your bike, government advice is to exercise, but social distance and avoid contact. A difficult ask, but exercise is as much about your mental well-being as your physical well-being, it goes without saying you will need your mental resilience over the coming weeks.

For those on Zwift we will post some more group rides and training suggestions, and we will constantly review the situation, and any suggestions you have will be greatly received.

We are immensely proud of our membership, especially those who work in the emergency services who will, and are, being pushed way beyond their limits; those in education who will continue to educate our children despite the challenges; and especially those V-Sprinters who think about others before themselves.


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