Supporting the NHS, their patients and families.

As a club we wanted to do something to make a difference to the current challenges our community faces. We thank all members in the way they have followed the government guidance an social distancing which makes a massive difference already, but we want to do more…. 

Having spoken to some frontline nursing staff, we asked what they would want. Typical of the selfless attitude of NHS teams was a request not for themselves but for patients. Families and patients are facing high levels of distress as visiting is not allowed at this time. Often the last they see of each other is when the ambulance leaves for hospital. We want to, on the back of their request provide 5 video enabled tablets, (to be shared between Worcester & Alex), to give patients the opportunity to video contact families via Skype or Zoom.

If you would like to donate to support this initiative please use this link……

We understand, for some, funds at this time are limited, so please only donate if you are able, but also know the generosity of club members so expect to be providing more than 5 units. (Each Tablet is £45)

Every day that goes by means more families are put in this unbearable position, so we are looking to raise this money in the next 48 hours

Many thanks in advance for your support – The V-Sprint Committee

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