Leamington Spa – Victoria Park

Sat 18th March  – Cat 3

Race 1 Cat 3 – Chris Bates – WIN !!!

Race 2 Cat 3 – Chris Bates – WIN !!!

Castle Combe Easter Classic Crit

Fri 3rd April  – Cat 4 .

Good Friday saw 177 people take part in the annual Easter Classic held on the Castle Combe race track.

Pete Matthews finished within the pack having managed to avoid a number of crashes during the 40km event.

Leamington Spa Crit Race

Sat 28th March  – Cat 4

Race 1 Cat 4 – Pete Matthews – Finished in bunch.

Race 2 Cat 4 – Pete Matthews – Finished in bunch.

Pinvin LVRC

21st and 22nd March

B – Lee Gardner Finished in bunch (12th).

C – Steve (Spanner) Craddock – Finished in bunch.

C – Dave Cull, Mark Friend, Andy Carter – all completed coarse.

D – Mike Hopkins – Finished in bunch (7th)

Manchester Friday Night Track League


Martyn Catlow 2nd in Unknown Distance

Andy Aldridge 3rd in Unknown Distance