NHS Tablet update

A few days a go we set a challenge to help fund some equipment for local hospitals …

WOW !!! what a response and all the credit goes to all V-Sprint members, the difficulty was not how much we needed to top up funds by, but what to do with the extra money – more on that later.

Instead of 5 Tablets we raised enough to order 6. They have already been setup with zoom / skype accounts and delivered to the Worcestershire Acute Trust.

6 tablets ready
Tablets configured
V-Sprint tablet handover

We are seeing great acts of generosity across the country at the moment and V-Sprint have stepped up to the plate, within only a matter of hours of our original idea we were able to fund 6 Tablets.

It is a pleasure to thank you all for your generosity.

Having spoken to some NHS staff in multiple specialities, our understanding is that the smaller charities are now suffering as focus moves to the NHS.

The extra funds you have given will follow our objective directing help to where it is needed. Next week we will be organising a 24 Hour Zwift relay to ride a combined mileage of over 2600km. Details will follow, and I hope you get behind this as much as you did earlier this week. The ride will raise funds for the Primrose Hospice and will start with £300 in the pot from your earlier donations.

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