COVID-19 latest Club Guidelines

Following recent changes to the Lockdown rules(11th May), V-Sprint riding rules have been updated to reflect the current situation.

We will review the rules as things progress and update as appropriate. We do not expect any changes in the 1st June governmental review, but rest assured, as things expand we will continue to update the rules and offer advice inline with the latest guidance.

Be guided by Gold, Silver and Bronze Standards
If you ride outside, over a longer period you will become more relaxed and it will be easy to forget some of the rules designed to protect you and others so stay alert, but most of all….


Outdoor V-Spring Rides during COVID period

• No Group riding.
• No using V-Sprint Social media to arrange rides.
• There has been a lot of debate around time/distance of rides, and the government guidance is vague, but we have set no distance rules. Setting a limit too low will not allow those who are fitter/stronger to get a good workout, setting a limit too high will encourage those who are not as fit/strong to exceed their capabilities. Rides should be consistent with your normal riding profile. but remember if you normally ride 40 miles with refreshments at 20 miles, you may find it a harder without the refreshments. The relative additional risks from a longer ride are low, when compared to the overall health benefits, but only if it is within your limits.
• There is much research suggesting COVID-19 is less transferable outside, however no official confirmation has been given, thus in respect of social distancing our recommendation is you distance by 12 you MPH in meters (18mph = 9 metres), or 13 your KPH in meters (27 KPH = 9 meters), rather than the 2 meters government recommendation, which at speed and riding behind someone may not offer enough protection.
• Your ride must start and finish at the same point, ideally HOME to HOME. You can travel to your start point but we would not recommend this other than for off-road riding.
• If you are off-road riding consider the extra dangers/risks, possible overcrowding, and ability to social distance.
Changes to the rules
• You may ride more than once a day, or ride after other exercise/ outdoor activity.
You may now ride with one other person not from your household, but still social distance.
(Remember 2 riders from one household, and 1 rider from another household is not allowed).
• You may stop for a rest, but we would urge you to avoid popular areas and always maintain social distancing requirements.

Addition V-Sprint standards
• Carry enough food and fluids to be self-sufficient for you exercise period.
• Ensure you are carrying spares/tools.
• Know you back up plan
• Money/credit card (for food/water if your supply runs out).
• Mobile Phone.
• Who is there to help if you need a lift home? (N.B. They must live in the same house).

V- Sprint Riding tips for COVID-19

• Be aware of pedestrians, if safe and possible, pull out to the centre of the road when passing.
• When over-taking other cyclists pull out at least 2 meters, moving out and back to social distance rules. If it is not safe to pass, hold your distance until the opportunity arises.
• Do not chase other cyclists down, you may have to overtake them, adding risk and danger to both parties.
• If you load your ride to Strava – Load with an appropriate and considerate name. Do not give others the opportunity to use a bad ride name to criticize an effective and appropriate workout.
At traffic lights…
• Do not pull alongside cars. (Government guidance suggests drivers should keep their windows open if users have no choice but to share a vehicle for work reasons).
• Move to the centre / outside of the lane so any pedestrians are distanced, (it also stops cars pulling up alongside you). Remember to signal if turning as you may be in an incorrect road position for normal riding / turning left.
• Hold back on pedestrian crossings, so any pedestrians are distanced to 2 meters.
• Distance yourself from other cyclists, by at least 2 metres

There are always areas of conflict between cyclists and other road users. Much of the feedback we are hearing is that driving standards are far more patient and considerate at the current time. However there have also been reports at the other end of the spectrum so be constantly aware of the dangers, remember that you should also always be considerate to other road users and obey traffic laws.
There are many novice riders taking to the roads, they will do things you will not expect, and you equally will do things they will always not expect so take care.
If you are using the quieter times to practice speed work, remember to always obey the laws of the road and always be considerate to others at all times.

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