COVID-19 2nd June Club Update

Whilst the Covid Lockdown rules have been eased, remember because you can do something does not mean you have to.

Our COVID medal standards still apply

GOLD – STAY AT HOME and use your Turbo
SILVER – Ride outside ALONE
BRONZE – If around others always Social Distance

The latest relaxation of COVID lockdown rules allows sporting activities in groups of 6, providing social distancing is adhered to. This allows 6 riders (Including yourself) from up to 6 different households to ride together, therefore we are updating our rules on riding.

• Close riding ‘V-Sprint style’ group rides are NOT permitted, social distancing rules still apply, The government guidance is 2 metres, however as per previous recommendations try to extend this distance as speed increases.
• There will be NO CLUB RIDES, until larger groups are allowed all club rides remain suspended.

• You may use V-Sprint Social media to arrange rides.
• Each ride should have a nominated ‘Group’ leader, who will be responsible for

Monitoring/Maintaining social distancing.
Ensure no riders ‘jump on’ to the group.
Ensuring the group is no more than 6 riders (It is a criminal offense to arrange to meet more than 5 other people)

• Do not ride to WALES. Welsh rules do not permit this activity.
• Normal rules and guidance on food/drink/spares apply.

Remember you will be distanced more than normal, V-Sprint have a no drop policy, so ensure the extra gaps due to social distancing do not cause you to lose sight of other riders.

Remember if you are wearing club kit, although not a club ride, you are still representing your V-Sprint friends. As 6 riders together you will be more visible, attracting more attention, even more so if all riders are in the same kit. Always represent the V-Sprint values of good riding standards with consideration to others. Some will look to challenge even minor indiscretions, so as always 100% concentration is required

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