V-Sprint #RideForMike

Last year V-Sprint member Olly Kan, entered and completed the Transcontinental Race Across Europe. One of the worlds toughest unsupported ultra-endurance races. Our club motto is #OTTNA (only the tough need apply) we have it written on our kit, Olly … READ MORE

V-Sprint Hill Challenge

Now the warmer weather is here, why not try out one of our ride challenges The V-Sprint Hill Challenge is designed to test your pace over distance over varying terrain, not too hilly, but not flat either. Target time should be … READ MORE

V-Sprint Water Bottles

V-Sprint have added 2Water Bottles to the range of V-Sprint Branded Kit Priced at £3.00 for the smaller 600ml bottle and £3.50 for the larger 800ml bottle they are idea for all cyclists Water bottles are essential for every ride, … READ MORE